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We are the premiere and largest Mercedes Solar Sprinter RV Rental dealer in the Western United States, going on our 9th year.  With 28 locations in California, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Montana and Wyoming, we feature luxury Mercedes Sprinter van camper rentals and 4×4 Sprinter four wheel drive camper vans at the doorsteps of our treasured National Parks and provide concierge trip planning services for executives nationwide.


We invite you to use the contact form and enjoy the year-round benefits of being on our mailing list.  We try our best to offer great specials year-round to our mailing list contacts. Every November, we offer special WINTER and HOLIDAY programs as our way of thanking our returning clients, and encouraging future clients to experience the Mercedes “Sprinter”  van camper difference.  Some specials save you $350 per week on the next summer’s rentals.  Be sure to use the contact form to insure your inclusion.

We have greatly expanded our rental portals over the last few years, and are thrilled to be opening three new locations in Idaho in 2018.

Reservations for Spring, Summer, and Fall book up VERY quickly and we advise our travelers to book 3-7 months AHEAD of their desired dates. This is especially important if you wish to choose SPECIFIC dates or your road trip is a monthly or multi week. Understand that as the reservation calendar fills in, we become less able to accommodate the highly sought after monthly rentals, so once you know your dates, request the rental application and complete it promptly.

Travel into Canada is possible for qualified renters. Travel into Mexico is prohibited.

Living Our Values

Mercedes Sprinter RV Rentals is a ardent and active promoter and supporter of the National Parks Conservancy programs.

10% of our MERCEDES CAMPERVAN RENTAL receipts are contributed to the “National Parks Conservation Association”


National Parks

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Why are we in this business??

Travel in these incredible motorhomes  is the very best way, year-round to experience the magnificence of our treasured National Parks.  We care deeply about the fate and longevity of our parks and believe that our monetary contributions to the conservancies, made possible by your rentals, allows us to live our values.  Perhaps more importantly, each time one of our renters experiences a motorhome stay in the parks,  they too become a keeper ‘of the flame’.  The experience is intimate, and often-life changing.

A Sprinter Campervan roadtrip is good for the soul


Ride the roads of America. Stop wherever and whenever you’d like.  Regain your spontaneity; your sense of adventure… WAKEN those senses.  FEEL the joy!!

Sit down with BOP on the radio, and go in ‘search of something’ “you won’t really find”…
Adventure like Kerouac.  Write your own story. This is, after all the tale of ‘the two of you’ losing yourselves on the road and coming all the way back hopeful of something else…

All of our custom Sprinter models travel effortlessly up steep, narrow twisting roads that few, if any, RV’s ever get to travel. Travel to that summit, and camp in style. Off the grid if the spot is incredible.

A road trip in this rig clarifies our connection to the past: Mark Twain, cowboy sagas. These campervans are more than a curiosity.  A road trip in a Sprinter is exuberant, un-embellished: like galloping a thoroughbred across the flashing landscape. Instead of trotting on a donkey.  There is nothing more “American” than exploring, and expanding your “frontiers”.

Take to the road and reclaim your freedom to be who and what you are in the face of an ever-changing landscape and the constant unpredictability of the world outside you.  No matter how it goes for you on the road, you cannot help but feel somehow restored and made whole again by the process of a road trip.  If nothing else, you can re-train yourself to “go with it”.

Whether you are touring the Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce, Joshua Tree, Lake Tahoe, Reno, Yosemite, the Great Basin, Yellowstone,Glacier National Park, Couer D’Alene, Idaho, Sun Valley, the Four Corners, the great southwest, Sedona, Taos, Wyoming, Montana or beyond the Mercedes SOLAR Sprinters are a perfect starting point for your journey.

If your “journey” is stalled; if you have lost your adventurous true self, then you MUST return to the road and re-learn how to LOVE EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS!



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