July 21-27 ( 6 night special) BZN to DEN $2700 inclusive! ( save $1000 due to repositioning )
Sept 13th -21st SNA to SFO
Sept 14th-October 12th ( Monthly special ) $12,500 ( save $2000 )
August 27th SEA to SFO Sept 3rd
Sept 16th-30th LAX to ANY standard portal


July 20th-27 BZN to BZN
July 21st-July 31st BZN to SLC or BZN to JAC
August 4-18 BZN to GEG ( GLACIER )
Sept 8th-22nd SLC to ANY standard

2016 CS

July 26th SLC-August 6th/7th IDA ( YELLOWSTONE )
Sept 12th-26th LAS to SLC ( ALL 5 UTAH NPs)

2015 CS

July 24th PDX to July 31st SEA
July 25th SFO to August 8th DEN ( hee-haw! )
Sept 3rd-18th LAS to SLC or LAX to SFO or LAS to PHX

2012 RS non solar

August 28th PDX to Sept 5h SFO
Sept 9th-30th ANY portals!

2015 RS

July 28th SEA to August 4th SEA
Sept 2nd-Sept 16th SEA to ANY portal
Sept 9th-16th SFO to SFO
Sept 9-16th SFO to LAX

2016 RS

July 22nd BZN to July 30th SFO $3400 ( save $800 )
Sept 20th BZN to Sept 30th SNA LAS or SFO

2016 RSXL

Sept 12th-26th LAS to SLC
Sept 3rd SFO to Sept 10th RNO
Sept 3rd SFO to Sept 17th SLC
Sept 2nd SFO to Sept 16th LAS
Sept 6th SLC to Sept 16th SLC
September open SEA/PDX/GEG portals ( GLACIER!!!! )