2017 Roadtrek SS AGILE (sleeps 2)
May 2nd-May 9th SLC to SLC
May 4th-18th SLC to LAS
June 11th-June 18th SLC/IDA to IDA ( Yellowstone)
July 1st-July 10th LAS to SLC ( Utah National Parks)

2016 Roadtrek SS AGILE (sleeps 2)
April 10th-18th ABQ/DEN to ABQ/DEN/LAS/PHX ( all options ok)
May and June open availability as of March 5th 2018 ( changes daily)

2016 Pleasure-way ASCENT (sleeps 2)
April 2nd-April 16th SFO to SLC
April 9th-16th SLC to SLC
May dates open in Nevada and Utah

2016 Roadtrek RS Adventurous XL (sleeps 4)
Open dates in March in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Salt Lake City locations
March 14th-March 21st LAS to LAS
April 2nd-9th BUR to BUR
April 5th-April 13th LA to San Francisco
April 26th-May 10th SFO to SFO
May dates open thru May 25th in Denver and Salt Lake City
May 2nd-9th SFO to SFO
June 4th-12th DEN to ABQ
June 25th-July 9th LAS to SLC
June 25th-July 9th LAS to PHX
June 25th-July 9th LAS to ABQ
June 25th-July 5th LAS to DEN
June 26th-July 3rd LAS to LAS
June 25th-July 2nd LAS to LAS
June 27th-July 7th LAS to SLC
July 18th-July 26th DEN to DEN

2016 Roadtrek ETREK (sleeps 4)
Open March and April dates in Nevada and Utah and California
June 1st open until June 14th
June 29th-July 6th SLC to SLC
June 30th-July 7th SLC to SLC
July 22nd-August 2nd JAC to JAC or JAC to BZN or JAC to SLC

2016 Roadtrek RS (sleeps 4)
March 16th-23rd SFO to SFO
March 24th-31st SFO to SFO
Open April in San Francisco and Portland and Seattle
Open May dates in San Francisco, Tahoe ( Yosemite)

2018 Coachmen Galleria Li3 (sleeps 2)
March 13th-March 21st San Diego to San Francisco
March 15th-March 29th San Diego to Seattle
April openings in Portland, San Francisco and Seattle
May openings in Las Vegas and Salt Lake City
May 30th-June 14th SEA to GEG (Glacier NP)
June 7th-June 14th GEG to GEG(Glacier NP)
June 26th-July 10th GEG to SLC ( Glacier and Yellowstone)