Yellowstone National Park Camper Rentals

A Winnebago ERA, which is a Sprinter also, originally sold at $76,000.  This Roadtrek SS originally sold at $129,000.  Folks, there is a HUGE difference in technology, fit, and finish between a Winnebago Sprinter and a Roadtrek Sprinter.  Do yourself a favor, and make an appointment to view this coach before it is gone.

If you are unfamiliar with Roadtrek, inc. or this model: Visit  Click on Owners. Enter this model year.  Then the model.  On the Mercedes 144′ wheelbase(short Sprinter), this is a turbo diesel V6 engine and chassis.  Roadtrek would be considered the upfitter.  Designing what is still the best floor layout; awesome solar/inverter electrical system for unplugged camping; real indoor plumbing; propane heating systems for air,water, food(cooktop).

Champagne Beige Metallic with tan interior

grey flooring

Cherry cabinetry

24 mpg

Great condition

126,000 miles( mileage tells you as an owner when to do service, and what to replace. PERIOD. This coach looks and runs like it is two years old)

All Mercedes services performed

All appliances certified and tested in annual inspections.

Queen or Rear Twin bed configuration-electric sofa switch


$71,650 Great deal!

This is the LAST SS to be sold til 2026. PRICE WILL INCREASE IN SUMMER.

By appt only. See more here: