Yellowstone National Park Camper Rentals

Do all Mercedes Sprinter Camper Vans
have the same sophistication level?    NO!

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Why rent a SOLAR/INVERTER POWERED Mercedes Sprinter Camper Van?

Our SOLAR Sprinter Van-Campers are THE most refined, and luxurious Van-campers  (Class B ) available in today’s market.  Stay “OFF THE GRID” with a constant supply of electricity via the solar power charged auxiliary batteries.  Operate your major appliances without a generator in the new inverter/solar models!

They are “best in class”: refined and sophisticated electrical, water, and waste systems, and the greatest comfort.  The ability to seamlessly move between a couch, a dining area, and bedtime configurations: king bed or two twin beds….

Add to this, our inclusion of high end cabin amenities that are unmatched  by ANY rental dealer, anywhere!

For the discriminating traveler………..

Fully Self-Contained = Independence day EVERYDAY!

ONLY our SOLAR Sprinter Camper Van’s utility systems (110 and 12V electrical power, fresh & waste water plumbing, propane, comfort heating & cooling, refrigeration, cooking, etc.) can operate independently from external connections through the use of on-board tanks (water & propane), solar powered batteries and optional 110V power generator or the incredible new inverter systems. Batteries are kept charged thru the solar panels, and inverter systems for all electrical needs; non-solar unit battery systems can be re-charged by the generator, driving the RV or plugging in at a campground..

When you are staying in a campground or state park with external connections for electrical power and fresh & waste water, you can take advantage of these connections to extend your stay beyond the capacities of your water and waste tanks.


Think of the convenience of always having your own kitchen. Whether you are parked or on the fly, use the refrigerator, microwave oven with convection, stove, external propane barbecue connection, 2500w quiet inverter to power your major appliances,and cabinets to store plenty of food, dishes, pots, pans, utensils and more. You will always have hot or cold drinks and snacks nearby and readily accessible.

When it’s time for a meal, instead of grabbing unhealthy fast food or stopping for a long time at a pricey restaurant, why not whip up your favorite dish while you’re at that beautiful scenic overlook or tailgating before the football game? Think of how much money you’ll save by shopping at grocery stores instead of convenience stores and restaurants.

When you are traveling, enjoy a meal indoors and in the comfort of up to four swiveling captain seats at the front or a dinette at the rear (some models). Or enjoy eating outside under the electric awning (for protection from rain and excessive sun).


We know how hard it can be to find clean bathroom facilities when you are on the road and how uncomfortable it is when you have to “hold it” until you do (and you don’t know how long you have to “hold it” for!). With your own bathroom, you’ll never need to use a gas station or rest area’s dirty or busy facilities again. In fact, if you’re not driving, you don’t even have to stop!* You won’t have to wait in long lines at crowded events nor take long walks to the campground bathroom in the middle of the night. When you are out in the boonies, a real bathroom provides superior comfort and privacy to a bush.

Shower (inside & out):

How nice would it be to be able to shower whenever you need it? You can spend a day at the beach then wash the sand off your feet (and the kids and the dog too) right beside your vehicle. Or go inside and rinse the salt water off your skin with warm water and privacy. Wouldn’t it be great after a day of strenuous activity like hiking or mountain biking and not have to drive home or crawl into your luxurious bed all sweaty?

There may be times when you’re staying in remote areas (like Federal lands) or wilderness campgrounds with no showers. Sometimes when you are staying in a campground with showers, there are times when it’s nice to have your own shower,  no more cold mornings with no heat,  no more campground showers out of hot water or not clean enough; no waiting in long lines or fighting off too many mosquitoes.


Change Room:

Have you had enough of waiting in line to use a dirty change room at the beach, or changing clothes behind your car door with a towel? Our campervans provides you with a clean, private, climate controlled (cooled by A/C or warmed by the furnace) place to change anytime. It comes in handy when you’re out for the day in shorts and want to change into pants for the cooler evening. And then there is a number of outdoor activities (skiing, field sports, biking, etc.) that require clothing that may be dirty, sweaty or uncomfortable to drive in.


In addition to using the comfortable sleeping accommodations overnight when you’re traveling, there are plenty of other times they come in handy. Whenever someone is tired, you can pull over and nap in heated or air conditioned comfort.

Aside from when you’re traveling, there are many times when having your own bed proves very convenient. ANY TIME someone needs a nap, there are comfortable beds standing by in your Sprinter campervan: while your spouse finishes shopping, during the kid’s soccer tournament, a rest while attending the dog show, or a break from the sun at the beach.

Front Beds:

To sleep your third or fourth small framed person ( up to 5’8″) you will need to add the folding mattress accessory to your rental.

Functional and comfortable and certainly much better than a sleeping bag on the ground!

Our vehicles offer room to change your seating position, stretch and move around

Room to Stretch & Move Around:

Instead of being forced to stay in the same seated position for hours at a time on a long drive, our vehicles offer room to change your seating position, stretch and move around. Talk about making long trips much more enjoyable!



Relaxation Area:

Wouldn’t it be nice to always have a roomy place to unwind away from home? Our Mercedes campervans have up to four swiveling and reclining captain seats at the front and a power sofa or dinette in the rear. The space to relax extends outdoors under the awning which provides protection from the sun and rain. Whether you’re playing cards or just lounging around, these campervans fit the bill.

With separate seating areas front and rear, there’s room for different activities at the same time. Accommodate your partner that wants to watch TV in the rear bed or power sofa while you read a good book in a front captain seat. This flexibility really comes in handy, particularly on rainy days.

For GOLFERS touring or families TOURING the National Parks, YOU CANNOT BEAT THE VIEW or the COMFORT!!

Built-in entertainment systems are available in many of today's vehicles, but how many offer a home theatre system with a 21Entertainment Area:

Built-in entertainment systems are available in many of today’s vehicles, but how many offer a home theatre system with a 21″ flat screen TV and surround sound? Some of our rigs have Air-TV: allowing you to pick up the local signals or your favorite game anywhere. How great is that?

How many vehicles offer entertainment systems that can be enjoyed while the engine isn’t running? How many offer multiple vantage points – you can enjoy your favorite DVDs AND watch the sunset!

Comfort Heating & Cooling While Parked:

Independent heating and cooling systems allow you to maintain the perfect temperature while it’s parked in a wide range of climates. These systems make our camper vans comfortable while living in it on vacation AND more versatile to use close to home.

Spare Room:

Sprinter RV/Camper Van in the driveway, you've got a fully furnished separate guest suite with privacy assured for both you and your visitors

Wouldn’t it be great to not impose when visiting friends or family overnight? Stay in your Sprinter RV/Camper Van instead of their “guest” room (or kid’s bedroom!). Sleep in your own bed with your own sheets, blankets and pillows instead their saggy mattress (or sofa bed) and flat pillows. Use your bathroom instead of theirs. And best of all, have a private sanctuary to call your own.

Having guests over yourself? Whether you’re tight on space or not, with a Sprinter RV/Camper Van in the driveway, you’ve got a fully furnished separate guest suite with privacy assured for both you and your visitors.


Many Equipment Options are available to enhance your trip:

Graco Car Seats

Portable Picnic Tables

Camp Chairs/RV mat

Smokey Joe BBQ with wood chips and tools

Bike Racks for two or four