Yellowstone National Park Camper Rentals

Our Mercedes Sprinter SOLAR Rental Fleet is the premier Class B Motorhome experience in North America

CS Adventurous at Hoover Dam

Each Sprinter SOLAR camper is self-sufficient, with a self contained waste system, so you can continue to explore for several days before you need to evacuate your waste tanks. You carry 30 gl of fresh water. You can generate your OWN electricity to power your major appliances. Your lights and outlets run off batteries that charge while you are driving. Your water heater will make your showers heavenly every day if you plan to travel and stay outside the campgrounds.

Our solar Mercedes Sprinters are ‘the’ state of the art’ campers. AND NOT ALL MERCEDES CAMPER RENTALS HAVE THIS LEVEL OF TECHNOLOGY AND CAPABILITIES.
 Our rental fleet includes the Coachmen Galleria  Li3 24FL (sleeps 1-2), the Roadtrek CS/RS/SS/E-Trek (sleeps 2-4) and the Coachmen Galleria Li3 (sleeps 2).

With inverters, and secondary alternators on the SOLAR units, you drive a short distance to a campground once or twice a week to fill your fresh water tank and dump your waste, but otherwise, you are self-contained and can stay “off the grid”. Freedom from “hookups” also opens up a whole range of national and local forests, and desert campgrounds with limited or no hookups. You can ‘dry camp’ (aka boon-docking): there are NO RULES for where you can or can’t boon-dock, so you are a truly independent traveler.

This vehicle maneuvers like a mini-van. There are a gazillion Mercedes Sprinter safety features built into all these solar vans.

Our Mercedes Sprinter SOLAR campers have full bathrooms with a shower, sink, and toilet. Full kitchen with two burner propane or induction cooktops, refrigerator/freezer, plenty of storage for food, a functionally sized sink, chef knives and tools, quality cookware and service-ware. Cabinets for clothes, games and anything else you may want to bring. There are two completely removable dining/card/conversation tables.

You have numerous electrical outlets for your laptop or smart phone; there are overhead and under counter lights everywhere for every purpose… even a toaster and a French press! Stocked with premium coffee… and treats!

Full heating by thermostat; cooling via A/C and two fans to keep your inside travels comfortable to your taste and needs.

Every Mercedes Sprinter SOLAR campervan rental has a VIZIO 24” LCD TV with full surround sound, a DVD that you can watch from bed, while you look out your privacy windows to check the scenery. Sirius Satellite Radio is available in most of the rental units: bringing you all that great road music of the 40’s 50’s and 60’s all the way to hip-hop.

Mercedes Sprinters: five models to chose from

ETREK, sleeps 2-4 persons

Roadtrek ETREK 4 x 4 has a rear king bed, 4×4 on demand, panoramic windows, full kitchen and bath, abundance storage. Sleeps 2-3 persons.

SS Agile has a rear queen or twin bed configuration, full kitchen and bathThe SS Agile 2500 has a rear queen or twin bed configuration, full kitchen and bath, and gets 25+ MPG.

RS Adventurous features a rear king or twin bed configuration, full kitchen and bathThe RS Adventurous 3500 XL features a rear king or twin bed configuration, full kitchen and bath, and gets 18-20+ MPG. Sleeps 2-4 persons

CS Adventurous with an expanded kitchen with full size refrigerator, bath and extra storageThe CS Adventurous 3500 is the newest Mercedes Sprinter model with an expanded kitchen with full size refrigerator, bath and extra storage. Sleeps 2 persons

Coachman Galleria with a specialty designed kitchen and the lay flat power sofaThe Coachman Galleria Li3 is the newest Mercedes SOLAR camper.The Li3 has a specialty designed kitchen with full size refrigeratore and the industry first true “lay flat power sofa”. Sleeps up to 2 people

You can customize your roadtrip with many equipment and/or service options once your rental application is approved.

“This is the story of America”
 Jack Kerouac

Adventure like Kerouac

Ride the roads of America.
 Stop wherever and whenever you’d like. Regain your spontaneity; your sense of adventure…..
WAKEN those senses. FEEL the joy!!

 Sit down with BOP on the radio, and go in ‘search of something’ “you won’t really find”……
Adventure like Kerouac. Write your own story.
This is, after all
the tale of “The Two Of You”……..losing yourselves “on the road” and coming all the way back
hopeful of something else….