Yellowstone National Park Camper Rentals

What distinquishes our renters over the past 16 years is their individuality.  We believe that is what draws them to our rental program.  We honor your individuality and very much enjoy “making it happen” per your roadtrip recipe. If you are new to our programs, suffice it to say that MANY customizations are available to you.  Please inquire! Here are some examples from previous guest driven roadtrip designs.  For more information, please use the


1. Custom Delivery/Pick-up: priced based on geography and time/distance from our standard locations.

Delivery/Pick-up options include:
To a campsite
To the airport
To your home

We had great adventures and made memories for a life time.

2. Pre-paid Final Sanitation/Cleaning and Final Waste Evacuation

We accept the responsibility for detailed cleaning of the exterior/ interior of the motorhome after your return. Price based on total rental nights. You may elect to completely clean, sanitize and return the rig in a rentable condition and this fee will be waived. There are standards to meet both for normal return and for the required cleanliness to qualify for a waiver of this fee. The average cleaning time is 7 man hours.    The final waste flushing takes a special tool and 1.5 hours.  Years ago we decide that this service should be included.  It is.  We do itemize it on your invoice however for our own internal tracking purposes.

3. Executive Return

We will fill your diesel, propane, and potable water to proper levels, and dump your waste so you do not have to worry about this on return. We will deduct the diesel and propane bill directly from your deposit. Your will receive your itemization of these charges on your final bill statement. Finding propane and diesel and fresh water can be challenging in some areas.    $115

Serving discriminating travelers in the Western United States since 2008

4. Pet allowance

Allows you to bring your pet (with certain exclusions). This will cover our cost for more in-depth cleaning required. Dogs or Cats with long, dark hair, that excessively shed may be allowed with an additional $150 deposit.    $70 per week  (pets < 45#)

5. Advance your Start Date by 1-2 days /OR Extend your roadtrip 1-2 days

If the motorhome is not booked the day(s) before your departure, you may start your rental 1-2 days earlier for 24% off the normal daily rate. PLEASE INQUIRE 21 days before your rental.     $365 average per additional night.

6. Getaway Weekends in SAN FRANCISCO and RENO


Out Friday afternoon 3pm, Back by 10 am Monday morning. SS AGILE/RS ADVENTUROUS XL only
Complimentary RNO and Marin (San Rafael) locations included.  SFO $195
Subject to limited availability
Cleaning, Tax included
(400 miles)

The vehicle is a dream to drive especially with mountain driving and diesel fuel

6.Priority Departure Time (BAY AREA, LAX,SNA, LGB, RNO, SLC, BZN,PHX)

If available, you may insure a departure time between 7:30 am-9:30 am.     $175

7. Late Return Time (ALL LOCATIONS)

If available, you may return the rental between 4:00-6:00 pm instead of the 11 am return time. If there is a same day departure, this service will be unavailable.     $225-375

8. Additional Drivers

Spouse included,    $35

9. Unsold DATES (7 day out RESERVATIONS)

Offered to renters (between rentals)     25-50% discount


This entitles you to calling access for mobile service for an RV issue, AFTER business hours and on SUNDAYS     $15/night

The Sprinter was a home-away from home

11. Priority Unit Assignment

Entitles renter to the nicest, newest unit available for an additional fee. Requesting a specific unit is a 10% extra.     $500/day

12. Surcharges-Las Vegas/Bozeman/Jackson/WYS/SEA Portals

DAILY RATE in these portal = 10-12% higher than CA portals.     +$40/night


Serving California, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Montana, Wyoming and Washington State

Equipment Options and Accessories

Graco Car Seat $10/nt

Hitch usage (TOWING)     $250

Thule Bike rack (2 or 4)     $95 week

Awning usage (not covered by insurance). Requires an addendum be signed.     $45wk

Thule Tire Chains (2500 only).     $75wk

Portable BBQ/Red Oak Chips/Tools.     $35

Portable Table     $35/wk

Swing Away CARGO POD. Adds `16 cu feet of storage capacity
(four carry ons, three back packs).     $12.95 per night

Folding Mattress (required to make ONE twin bed in front).     $15 /night

2 Beach Chairs / Mats (kit)     $50/wk

California Premium Chardonnay and Local Artisan Cheese Sampler/Cracker Platter.     $75