Yellowstone National Park Camper Rentals

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which Mercedes SOLAR Sprinter Van Rental is right for me?

A. This is a timeless question for all first time renters. To chose the correct model for your road trip plans, the questions and answers below will help you to make your choice. You can start by viewing the COMPARE MODELS page and matching the number of sleepers/travelers that will accompany you.

Q. How much does it cost to rent a Mercedes Sprinter SOLAR camper van?

A. The average winter weekly rate for a solar van camper is $3240. The average summer rate for a solar van camper $3860 (Each includes 1050 miles, pre-departure training, LIVE orientation, two complimentary camp chairs/RV mat, cleaning and sanitation; final waste evacuation, all taxes and fees)

Q. How many people can sleep in a Sprinter RV?

A. Our Camper vans sleep between 2 to 4 people depending on the model.

Q. Do I need a special license to drive a Class B RV camper?

A. No, all our vehicles require a standard drivers license.

Q. Do you offer one-way rentals?

A. YES! Each of our Mercedes Sprinter camper vans is available for one way rentals any of our 28 locations to any other of our locations, 8 night minimum rental (1200 miles). See OUR MAP of airport locations on the HOME page.

Q. Can we bring our dog or other pet?

A. Yes! We love furry family. We do require an additional pet deposit for your rental.

Q. Can we rent one of your Sprinter camper vans to go to Burning Man?

A. Some of our vehicles are available to take to Burning Man – and many have made the trek several times. The average weekly cost is $5775.

Q. Can we travel to Canada or Mexico?

A. Travel to Canada is available with a current valid passport and proper credit/deposit. Travel to Mexico is not allowed.

Q. Is there an additional fee for additional drivers?

A. Yes, you can have additional drivers for your rental. There is an additional fee of $35 for each additional driver.

Q. How many pickup/dropoff locations does Mercedes Sprinter SOLAR Van Rentals have?

A. We have 28 locations in 11 Western States to serve you. Custom arrangements can be made for additional pickup or drop off locations for an additional cost.

Q. Are any of your Mercedes camper vans equipped with solar electricity?

A. All of the vehicles in our rental fleet are equipped with solar panels and a minimum 2500W inverter and battery system for stored battery charge. The vehicle’s alternator  recruits engine power and relays this to the inverter, which converts and then sends the converted current to the batteries to be stored. See our page THE BEST Camper Van for more details.

Q: Can I come and see a rig at your office before I rent? How far ahead should I book?

A: Our fleet moves based on client reservations. So the presence of a unit in a particular location is determined as other rental clients choose their rental dates and locations. The monthly calendar is then created by these reservations.

So for example, Seattle is one of our regular locations. Availability however is subject to prior calendar reservations. So our units do not generally sit at a location waiting for a renter. They are usually booked considerably in advance.

Between March and the end of October, they are either rented, or in prep to travel or in service. So arranging a time to ‘visit’ is just not doable during high season.

If you would like to know which dates are open from/to a particular location. Or involving Seattle (or another of our rental locations) on a one-way, we can provide you with this availability. Availability is an ever-changing landscape. It changes hourly after January of a travel season: as new reservations are made.

Just let us know which month you are interested in – always provide date ranges when possible.

If you book 6-9 months ahead you can easily choose your desired dates and locations.  It is always best to plan ahead for maximum choice and availability.

Q: I am going on a multi-week road trip, should I choose the CS, RS or SS?

A: The Coachmen Galleria Li3 “A” floor plan; or the Roadtrek RS XL is the best solution. Choose the SS, if you are a VERY conservative packer! We do have StowAway Cargo Pods which swing away and give 67 cubic feet of additional storage.

Q: I have children(1-2). Can all of us sleep in the motorhome?

A: Select an Roadtrek RS or a Roadtrek 4 x 4: As children on board can create more stress for parents new to this kind of travel. You can also bring a tent, put the children in the tent, so the parents get a vacation too!

Q: Can I play books on tape? If so, how?

A: Yes, USB: Put BOOK on your cell phone

Q: On the reservation form, what if we are only using the motorhome for convenient travel and not sleeping in it?

A: Look at the feature row “seating by location”. This will tell you the number of persons that will sit in the front seats, then the second row seats, and then the rear seats. Luggage storage is helpful to look at as well.

Q: Can we stay outside RV parks?

A: Yes, all of our units are SOLAR with powerful inverters and battery banks THAT MAKE BOON-DOCKING possible!

Q: We are traveling to Seattle and staying in the city, which model is easiest to maneuver, park in an urban setting?

A: That would be the SS Agile. The RS and CS are easy to maneuver but you would choose parking strategies that take into consideration the height and length of the motorhome. Most hotels do have outdoor parking these days and end spaces on any street always work well. All of these units are street legal to park in the city as they are all under 26′ long.

Q: What is the gas mileage?

A: An RS model can get up to 22 miles per U.S. gallon (11 L/100 Km) using cruise control at 65 MPH (105 Km/h).

Q: How do I get a quote?

A: Use the QUOTE tool on this website to generate a quote.

Send your roadtrip destination(s), number of travelers, pets?, departure/return preferences, and any special needs you may have (like EARLY departure, LATE return, etc). Receive same day QUOTE.

Q: How much storage space is inside the Motorhome?

A: Storage space is compartmental but surprisingly ample if you bring on-board the appropriate size luggage. Small Carry-ons or soft duffles work well. Pack minimally. That being said, an RS Adventurous can comfortably store 7 small carry on bags without interfering with the living areas. Cargo Pods that swing away can store 2 large suitcases and 2 carry ons or 4 carry-on bags.

Q: Do I need to bring anything besides clothes?

A: Not really! See the inclusion page. Games and books are fun to bring.

Q: I can rent a motorhome for half the price! Why are the prices so high?

A: A 60K RV should be half the price of an 120K Motorhome! You do get what you pay for. Our Mercedes Sprinter SOLAR Van Rentals are the most sophisticated Sprinters available in the Western United States.

Q: Can I bring my Pet?

A. Yes with some restrictions. Please inquire. $10 per night; additional $150 security deposit.

Q: Can I get an EARLY departure ? (or a LATE return)

A: Yes. The cost is determined by the specific needs and the current availability.

Q: My husband is 6’4″. Can he sleep comfortably?

A: Two male summer travelers from 2013, both over 6’5″, tell me that they absolutely did!

Q: Can I rent a Mercedes Sprinter SOLAR Camper Van in Las Vegas and travel to the Grand Canyon?

A: Yes. You can also depart Las Vegas and return in Salt Lake City and take in some of Utah’s National Parks!

Q: We want to travel to Yellowstone. What would the cost be?

A: It depends on your departure location and the total miles you travel. Mileage is the key factor in determining your cost. Here is a comparison of two weekly roadtrips: one to Yellowstone from San Francisco, and one to Yellowstone from Idaho Falls, Id. Yellowstone is 1105 miles (14.75 hr) from San Francisco. Roundtrip is 2210. Figure another 300 additional miles for adventure within the park and exploration down to the Grand Teton area. In a Solar unit, the cost, based on the miles, would be over $5900! For the week!. Compare this to flying in to Jackson Hole,  or Idaho Falls, or Pocatello, ID,  which are very close to the park. An average weekly SOLAR rental would be $3875 during the most expensive summer months and give you 1050 miles to explore. You could fly first class… on both legs!

Q: We want to travel approximately 3000 miles. What would the cost be?

A: We include 3150 miles with a 21 night rental: during low season, a SOLAR Sprinter Van Rental would cost $8505 with the seasonal specials applied. During high season, the same unit would cost $10,820.

Q: What is the custom delivery charge to bring the motorhome to me?

A: We allow custom delivery/pick up to many non-standard locations, such as Seattle, or Albuquerque, New Mexico or personal residences adjacent to our standard locations. The cost is based on driver time; $1.90 per mile; fuel cost; and occasionally airfare for our driver to return to home base. Please inquire.

Q: What is the cost per week and how many miles are included?

A: Winter Rates= $3050 (1050 miles)
A: Summer Rates= $3675-3875 (1050 miles)

Q: Why do Mercedes Sprinter SOLAR Van Rentals cost more than some B+ and class C motorhomes and low end class A’s? Why don’t they cost less, considering their smaller size?

A: Technology MAKES all the difference.  These campers are the best in class.  They allow you hotel level amenities ANYWHERE.

Q: I can stay at a fine hotel for the same price. So why should I consider a luxury motorhome rental?

A: These incredible motorhomes grant you immediate access ‘backstage’ to Nature’s most incredible and ever changing moments. You cannot experience the wonder and splendor of natures spontaneity from inside your hotel room. If you visit the most beautiful spots, often remote spots, or choice National and State park sites in these amazingly sophisticated motorhomes: you begin to understand that your stay is

    • on your own terms
    • with the amenities of a fine hotel
    • immersed as both observer and participant in the middle of nature’s magical stage
    • unforgettable
    • and getting there in the unbelievably comfortable ride of a Mercedes Sprinter SOLAR Van Rental…..will transcend you. Transport you. Reshape YOU.

Then there is no equating the experience of staying in a hotel with staying in a Mercedes luxury Sprinter.

A Mercedes Sprinter SOLAR Van Rental is a luxury personal limo that becomes your luxury hotel anywhere you wish your hotel to be. And that, is priceless.

Q: Is there a time of year that would be less costly?

A: All motorhome travel costs are based first on the cost of the motorhome, the season, the location, the number of miles.The months of November thru March are 20% lower in cost, if all other factors remain the same.

Q: There’s only the two of us. Why would we want 3 or 4 seats at the front?

A: Four seats provide a roomy area to eat, entertain or relax with another couple. More importantly, a 3rd seat and one of the captain’s seats provide an eating area at the front for the two of you that’s much easier to use than the two front captain’s seats. Having separate eating and sleeping sections is a convenience normally found only in larger motorhomes. Not only can the two of you get up and retire at different times, but you need not convert the bed at the rear into a lounge or dinette to eat. Extra seating also increases openness at the front.

Q: In your units, can I listen to my books on tape?‬

A: I use my iPod, input thru the auxiliary plug up front. I just copy the disks to the iPod. Any walkman-type CD player would work just as well as long as it has a USB plug or aux plug. I see Amazon still has CD players for under $20. Then you plug from the headphone output, into the auxiliary input in the RT. Cable for that is at RadioShack.

Q: How many showers can I get from the fresh water tank?

A: Three if you conserve water. Then wait 15 minutes.  Then shower again!  Water heating is in batches of 6 gl at a time.

Q: Can I run the refrigerator for several hours?

A: Yes. The refrigerator will draw up to 15 amp. The solar panels provide 12V  that is CONSTANT.  Whether the van is off or on.

Q: How noisy is the generator?

A: ONLY the NON SOLAR Sprinters have generators: 72 Decibels at a distance of 10 feet from the van’s exterior.

Q: What air conditioner settings provides the best cooling?

A: Medium fan setting and number 6 to 7 on the temperature dial. Setting the A/C on maximum at all times may freeze the compressor. From an automotive perspective, keep your front AC on 72.

Q: We have elderly parents and just never know… what if there is an incident that interrupts our roadtrip plans?

A: You can ALWAYS apply your payments to a future trip. No expiration! You can also purchase “trip interruption” or “trip cancellation” insurance from our insurance vendor.

We sincerely hope this little Q and A helps your think about the range of possible factors that should be evaluated when choosing a model for your particular road trip.