Concierge Services

Custom rental program to suit your plans. 90% of our business comes from designing custom roadtrips and itineraries to fit your needs. Please inquire for more information.


We want to take the stress and uncertainty out of your motor home vacation, so you can just relax immerse yourself, and experience the wonderous national treasures in this geography.

We will send you a detailed questionnaire, upon YOUR request, that will provide us with very specific information about your likes and dislikes: so we can offer the BEST options for YOUR roadtrip.

From your answers, we will be able to keep you moving at YOUR pace, provide you with a list of choices of carefully matched activities and attractions, all within your contracted travel miles, so you can easily decide what ‘to do next’…..and, if requested, tuck you in to campgrounds you will find pleasing and comfortable according to YOUR style of travel.

Concierge fee is based on 10% of your rental cost. If your one week base cost is $2275: your concierge services would cost $227.50. That is all you would pay for someone else, who is expert in what they do, to do the research, create the itinerary, and make all your reservations and arrangements.

Just communicate your interest in concierge services on your request form.